The Production Factory also offers a safe environment during the COVID-19 virus to make every production a success.

Two extra steps

The 1.5 meter society has been announced and the events industry cannot help but adapt to this. With two extra steps, we are your technical production partner willing to make every production a success, even during the COVID-19 virus.

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Technical production

Our technical producers often work from home, which guarantees social distancing. Communication with each other, partners, clients and also with you is easy via video calls, telephone and / or e-mail.

In addition to a technical producer, each production is provided with a COVID-19 responsible. We provide an informed producer who supervises the enforcement of the (government) measures taken throughout the production period.

Prior to the production period, the location in question is examined with a view to measures to be taken. The measures to be taken are discussed with you so that it is clear to all parties.


Our production is adjusted on the following points:

  • Our COVID-19 manager determines in consultation who should be present on location.

  • The partners and third parties expected at the location receive a protocol in advance that must be approved in writing.

  • Partners and third parties are informed in advance about the measures taken.

  • Partners and third parties are asked to:

- Load trucks on 1 layer so that 1 person can load and unload independently.

- Disinfect equipment prior to production.

- Allow employees to travel alone if possible.

- Keep the 1.5 meter distance at all times.

  • In the pre-production we look at the required materials. Equipment that cannot be moved by one person is avoided where possible.

  • Disinfection equipment is available at all times at the production office for people and materials.

  • Walking routes are indicated on location. Where possible, one-way traffic is used.

  • The measures taken are indicated on site in each room.

  • In consultation with the client and the location owner, it is examined whether the construction and breaking period can be spread. In this way we limit the number of people on location.

  • Working hours and breaks are spread out so that the number of people in one location is limited.

  • The construction crew uses their own tools as much as possible. If necessary that tools are exchanged, this must be disinfected.

  • We work as much as possible in permanent teams.

  • Before the so-called 'show crew', including artists, presenters, etc., enters the location, the entire location is cleaned.

  • Every person entering the site adheres to the RIVM guidelines *.


Do you have questions or need more information? We are available 7 days a week via

e-mail or by telephone on 0031 (0) 26 3840110 . Of course you can also contact your permanent contact person of The Production Factory. We are happy to inform you and are happy to discuss this with you.